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We prefer working with files that are setup in CMYK, but we can work with RGB formats as well.

The minimum recommended resolution for any of our vinyl banners and signs is 100 dpi at FINAL size. For best results, we recommend your file to be at 150 dpi or higher at final size. If you are designing a larger banner or sign at a reduced scale, please see the section below titled "File Size" to determine the appropriate resolution of the scaled down file. You are welcome to send us higher resolution files up to 1440 dpi for our premium banners and signs.

Because we typically deal with larger size vinyl banners and signs, we recommend that you design the file at a smaller scales size, such as 1/4 scale (25% of final size). This makes the file easier to work with because it doesn’t bog down your computer’s resources so badly. It will also make file transfers much easier for both of us. However, if you design the file at 25% of the final size, you need to keep in mind that the resolution will be degraded 4 times when we blow the image up 4 times. Therefore, the minimum resolution of your original file at 1/4 scale needs to be at least 400 dpi minimum in order for the image to be at 100 dpi at final size.

We can work with virtually any file format and software program, but we do prefer working with vector-based files if possible. For a full list of files and software we support, please visit the supported file formats page. As a general rule of thumb, please send the design file, fonts, and any placed images to ensure we have everything we need for your vinyl banner or sign. If your design program has the option available, please save text as curves.

If your vinyl banner or sign is going to have reinforced grommets, please consider their placement when creating your design. The grommets will be placed approximately 1.5" on center from the corners and edges of the banner as needed. Make sure you do not have any critical text or graphics in areas where the grommets grommets could interfere with the design.

If your vinyl banner is going to have pole pockets, please keep the following key points in mind. When specifying the size of your banner, please indicate the size you want the live image area to be, the size of the actual pole you will be using, and whether or not you want the pole pocket to be included in the live area size or not. Please refer to the drawing below illustrating the pole pocket options that are available.

We will leave the extra vinyl around the banner necessary to create the appropriate size pole pocket for your banner. The price of the vinyl banner will be calculated using the square footage of the banner and the material needed to create the pole pocket. The table below shows the amount of extra vinyl needed to create the corresponding size pole pocket.

Pole Diameter
Extra Vinyl per Pole Pocket
(Live Area Includes Pole Pocket)
Extra Vinyl per Pole Pocket
(Pole Pocket Outside Live Area)
0.5 in.
1.5 in.
3 in.
1 in.
3 in.
6 in.
1.5 in.
4 in.
8 in.
2 in.
4.75 in.
9.5 in.
2.5 in.
5.5 in.
11 in.
3 in.
6.5 in.
13 in.

We know this can be somewhat confusing, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.

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